AI 2.0 Is Here!

Today many companies are beginning to experience the “AI Chasm”. These are gaps relating to application functionality, and limitations inherent in attempting to integrate AI platforms and tools from many different vendors, some deployed in-house while others are up in the clouds. This technological divide prevents you from effectively harnessing the full power that artificial intelligence can deliver. In order to cross this “AI Chasm”, nTeligence is pioneering AI 2.0. We have seamlessly integrated what was previsously four separate and independent environments for machine learning, robotic process automation, natural language processing, and operational decision management into one cohesive platform having a common set of application programming interfaces (API's). We are actively working on ways to combine the benefits of mathematically driven machine learning, along with the simulation of human like thought processes. We call this new and improved form of thinking Hybrid Intelligence(tm). In the field of conversational AI we are working on the means by which a computer can comprehend and fully understand both written and spoken words. We have coined the phrase True Meaning(tm) to describe this. We are also striving to imbue intelligent virtual assistants with Common Sense(tm), something you and I just take for granted. For additional information, or to learn more about how nTeligence can enable you to leapfrog your competitors, please email or simply call 609-651-0070


Cognition is an Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS). It seamlessly combines robotic process automation, machine learning, natural language processing, and operational decision management. It was designed to be a fully integrated platform upon which to build the next generation of AI 2.0 applications. Programs developed using cognition...

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Prudence is a framework for building lifelike, 3D animated, intelligent virtual assistants. She was designed to facilitate a more realistic user experience. One that would enable a person to easily build rapport, and bond on some type of personal level, with a digital persona. Her purpose is to replace both legacy mouse driven graphical user interfaces ...

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The Model T is the world's most advanced artificial intelligence edge computing node. It was designed to fill a void in the hardware market, which exists between general purpose desktop workstations, rack mounted servers, and high end gaming machines. It serves as both a development and deployment environment for AI 2.0 applications...

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nTeligence provides a full range of professional services relating to machine learning, robotic process automation, natural language processing, and operational decision support. A good place to start is a thorough assessment of your business and data stores, documenting and ranking potential AI use cases based upon benefits, ROI, complexity, and work effort ...

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  • Introductory VideoLearn about nTeligence's vision for the future of AI, the story behind our founding, and gain further insights into our products, services, and our competitive strenghts. When a 3D lifelike intelligent virtual assistant accompanies astronauts on the first maned mission to Mars, the recommendations it makes, and advice it gives to the crew, will certainly not be driven by cloud based AI services here on Earth...
  • Meet PrudenceListen to Prudence, a lifelike, animated, three dimensional intelligent virtual assistant, talk about her varied uses within the healthcare industry. The software framework sits on top of cognition, our integrated AI platform, and serves as a set of building blocks to create the next generation of user experience (UX).
  • nTeligence BlognTeligence has just published a detailed article entitled "Risks of Using AI in the Public Cloud"...

Reduce Your AI Costs

By Moving Your Machine Learning Workloads Over To Our Model T

Are you currently using, or thinking about, cloud based AI service offerings from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, or Google? If so, we can work with you to reduce your costs for deploying Python and R machine learning models by up to fifty percent (off of the cloud vendor's MSRP based upon similar hardware specifications). Simply by moving these efforts on-premise, and executing the algorithms on a Model T edge computing node. For more information please write to or call (609) 651-0070

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